“COES SNEAKERS'' or Natanael Marrero, is a visual artist, graffiti writer and tattoo artist from Caracas, Venezuela. He is an active member of the Caribes Tribu and CMS graffiti crews. His work investigates how the "Sneaker phenomenon” began to transcend cultures, races, classes and nationalities, becoming a fundamental part of the identity of the users and influencing social dress codes.

The piece “Objeto de Deseo - Símbolo de Indentidad” translates to “Object of Desire - Symbol of Identity.” This artistic style can be referred to as ARTvertisement, as it presents as an ad for Nike and Adidas sneakers. Martinez believes that even though shoes primarily serve a practical purpose, they also exert influence in fashion and identity. He examines how sneakers can represent non-verbal cues and symbolic messages. According to university studies, you can guess 90% of the characteristics of a person according to their footwear, such as age, gender, political affiliation, social status, and personality traits.


PREVIOUS MURAL (February 2020 - February 2021)

Carlitos is a muralist and tattoo artist who is founder of Skills Creative Studios, a design agency that showcases the work of street and fine artists.

This mural was painted February 2020 using mostly aerosol spray paint.