Miami Style Graffiti, otherwise known as MSG, is a collective of street artists from the greater Miami area. Their work varies from tags, throwups, and murals across the city and the crew consists of both known and anonymous local artists.


This mural was painted December 2020 alongside of the old RC Cola plant. It features an underwater seascape with "MSG" spelled out with coral reefs. There's sea life and other elements of the abyss detailed around the letters, as well as a sky and shoreline spanning across the top of the wall.

Previous mural painted over December 2020

MIAMI is the theme of this mural. Painted December,2019. These 5 artist spelled out "MIAMI" in big block letter and added their signature style inside the letters. PEZ painted his "Happy Fish" in the first M. RUBEN painted his classic gorilla for the "I". SIPROS did four portraits in the "A". He painted RUBEN and his wife in the top and he painted GOLDEN and his wife in the bottom portion of the letter. The 1UP crew painted the second "M", with their classic graffiti style and incorporated a scenic foreground of a Miami Beach. Lastly, GOLDEN painted a pop art style shark.

This mural was part of Wynwood Mural Festival 2019.